I just passed the thirty flight hours mark with a really nice solo flight. Ten days ago I did a dual flight focussing on refreshing slow flight, steep turns and approach to stall in turn. This went really well. Furthermore, we also executed as a spiral dive. I don’t have that on video, but it is quite an experience. I was advised not to execute this maneuver in solo. As a result, I don’t have it on the footage below.

In this footage, I have the full unedited flight. This makes sense to watch if you are interested in the startup and shutdown procedure. You can get a taste of what it takes to start up an aircraft and take it off the the ground at a controller airport.

What you can also see is a sped up touch and go. Moreover I had to go a little faster than usual in order to make way for the Ryan Air waiting for me to clear the path on the runway.

Finally after that touch and go, I did a full stop and taxied the aircraft back to the club. In addition, you can can observe the shutdown procedure.

What’s next

With regards to my flight training, I now have only two flights to do to complete the phase three. That means after the summer holidays, I will start the phase four which is focussed on navigation. I hope I can perform well on this topic as it’s less focussed on the skills and more focussed on preparation. That means if you do the work ahead of the flight it should go smoothly. I’m looking forward to that.

Flight Video

Previous flights

If you want to see some other flight, have a look at my first solo out of the control zone. You can also find a nice picture of my first solo on the eacm website.

I hoped you enjoyed this article. I’ll keep you posted on my flight training progress after the summer holidays.