Flying at night is quite an adventure. Especially when you are trying to get your night rating in one night during May time. The night rating requirements are pretty simple:

  • 5 flight hours outside Uniform Day light period
  • 5 solo full stop landings

My idea from the beginning was to combine Night and instrument training. As a result we flew to Albert Picardie (LFAQ) on a Y flight plan, canceling IFR in the last 20 miles. After solo practice around Albert, we flew to Munster (EDDG) on a Z flight. plan.

Eventually during the night I logged closed to 7.5 hours flight time. Almost six of them instrument time. Pretty efficient night.

Eindhoven -> Albert

Albert -> Munster

Munster -> Eindhoven

The perks of night flying are straight routes, calm radio and a beautiful view.