Nothing to illustrate this one. No pictures, no footage, just some memories. This was the second part of the forced landing combined with the precautionary landing. What are my take on this one:

  • It was quite fun to be able to build the confidence in your approach down to 100 ft AGL. It really gives a good feeling to practice that low. It’s not the kind of confidence, I believe, I could have built while training with a go-around at 500 ft.
  • This was a two hours flight. 131nm. Longest ever flight I made. It was draining.
  • Performance wise, it was a pretty good flight. My altitude holding is getting better and I think I managed to stay well within 150ft of the targeted altitude during all the flight.
  • I learned few things about the control zones around den Bosch and how to navigate the return to Eindhoven via Whiskey safely (without infringing Gilze-Rejin airspace).
  • My evaluation was good for this flight and I now have 2 dual flights and 4 solos to do to complete phase 3.

So it’s actually pretty straight forward now. I just need to train and practice to get better and after the holidays, I can start the navigation part of the training.

The license is in sight now.