The beginning

I’m a very privileged motorcycle enthusiast. I have been tacking my bikes on track since 2014. It all started with the Tortue team in France. They organize initiation to the circuit du Luc in South of France. After a first initiation I discovered No Limits Trackdays. This is a UK company which organize local track days but also European events. I started with 3 days on Track at Motorland Aragon. At the time I had brand new stock Kawasaki ZX636.

I later decided to convert the bike in full track configuration. This allowed to get fantastic pictures in all white

Where I went

Few years later I have visited quite a few countries. Thanks to serious racing, I was able to build a heat map. That’s when I realized a good track seems to be coastal region in southern Europe.


When I started track days, I immediately combined that with my other hobby, electronics. I very early in the process started to design a data logger for the bike. That ended up becoming the RipCup site. You can find there a description of the project as well as all my latest track days data and associated footages.


Track days organizers almost always bring a professional photograph around the track. That allowed me to collect very flattering shots of my riding.