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IFR around Germany

900 km in the afternoon in Germany. Very fun day flying IFR in a perfectly beautiful weather. First leg got us to Kassel-Calden airport. A very nice, well maintained regional airport with a GA terminal. The plan was to go… Continue Reading →

Night flying adventure and its perks!

Flying at night is quite an adventure. Especially when you are trying to get your night rating in one night during May time. The night rating requirements are pretty simple: My idea from the beginning was to combine Night and… Continue Reading →

Julia meets the Britell BR23

On a sunny spring Sunday morning, we took the opportunity to have Julia’s mother at home to go for a flight on the Bristell BR23. The Bristell is a very nice Light Sport aircraft. We enjoyed a nice relaxing flight… Continue Reading →

Track day Jerez May 2023

Pretty cool event at the circuit in Jerez. Unfortunately the bike decided to have a run without rider. This has been captured on video. The rest of the pictures for the events in this gallery

Flying VFR on top

When the weather allows, you can fly VFR on top of the clouds. There are restrictions and you need to make sure you will be able to get back down. On this Sunday, it was possible.

Family Go Kart

On a Saturday morning. We go Racing !!!

Flying the Bristell B23

Flying a brand new aircraft is excting. This one has only 60 flight hours and is extremely well equipped.

Happy new year 2022!!!

A high start for 2022!!! Happy new year.

Like a real pilot, big triangle solo

Story of my solo big triangle flight. The trip that makes you feel like a pilot. First time landing alone at another airport

I flew my first big triangle

Flying my first big triangle.

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