I flew my first big triangle. This exercise in the flight training is done with an instructor. This is to prepare you for the qualifying cross-country flight. This is an EASA requirement. You have to fly a cross-country flight with two stop away from your base airport with a minimum distance of 270Km.

I flew that and actually for various reason (weather, exam preparation…) I flew a lot more than the required distance as I went to Teuge airport (EHTE) and then to Seppe airport EHSE. This around 360km of total flight.

The flight itself was pretty uneventful. There’s few take away though. I won’t expand on that but the planning is key. When you are flying and you don’t have a plan you can easily get things a bit wrong and have to correct. That does not happen happen when you have a healthy plan for what’s ahead of you. I also found I could be better at flying orbits.

Below is the track I followed. It’s pretty nice to flow in this season. Netherlands is a beautiful place from the sky too.