My flight sim setup generated a bit of interest at the flight club. My setup has been very valuable to me and I feel like it helped a lot for my training so far.

Let me list below what I have as a setup:

  • Software
    • X-Plane running on Ubuntu 20.04
  • Computer
    • DDR4 HyperX Predator 2x16GB 266
    • Transcend TS512GMTE220S internal solid state
    • VGA MSI GeForce RTX 2060 VENTUS XS
    • Intel Core i5 9600KF
    •  Intel Asrock Z390 PRO4
    • 2x 28 inches 4k displays.
  • Sim specific hardware
    • Logitech flight yoke system + throttle Quadrant
    • Logitech pro flight ruder
    • Logitech pro flight multi panel
  • Home made:


  • Enough for procedural training
  • Good training to practice basic instrument lessons
  • Visuals more than good enough to practice the visual navigation
  • Practice coordination for circuit and cross-wind landing


  • Does not help with trimming practice (No force feedback)
  • Aircraft model does not really match the aircraft behavior. Specifically on the cruiser the flap is unusually pitching down which is not correctly modeled in the sim

Finally a picture: